Samskaras are purifying ceremonies for body, mind and soul and are recommanded and explained in the ancient sanskrit scriptures for the benefit and the material and spiritual welfare of mankind at any stage of Life.

A sanctified Fire-Ceremony (Yajna/Yaga/Yagna or Homa) is mostly the essential part of a Samskara. Any Child, Man or Woman  is advised and allowed to receive the sanctifying, lifelong credits and blessings of the every Samskaras. According to the vedic scriptures, unless authentic Samskaras or purfication processes are performed there is no possibility of good population. Positive ajustments and changes are recognizable, even visible on the Participants, as ex. exchange of effulgence, aura, character, behaviour and attitude and some Priests can localize one person with samskaras out of a many persons without Samskaras.

Madhavananda Dasa Adhikari (Madhava), born in Bavaria/Germany, studied and practised the ancient Jyotish Astrology, Remedies and Vedic Rituals from 1993 on in ancient Vaishnava Monastaries, specialized himself in the original Jyotish-Nakshatra (Star-constellation) Astrology and attained his final studies in the “Veden-Akademie” in Germany at the year 2000. In April 2000 he was appointed and initiated in the Ceremonical Priesthood by a bonefied successor of the ancient Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya-School (vaishnava-smriti) after 7 years of studies. Then he continued his studies in South-India and particularly in Westbengal-India/Mayapur with the teachings, guidance and help of  expert teachers.

After regularly increasing his astological knowledge and Yajna-activities and supporting and consulting people worldwide since 1996, he finally decided to reside permanently in Croatia Dalmacia. Any astrolgical assistance or consultation is optional in the english or german language.

We would suggest before starting the performances of a Samskaras for a detailed astrological analizes (Nakshatra-Astrology) for a better perspective, a wider overview and necessarily remedies. Birthdate, Birthtime (if known) and Birthplace are required for any astrological consult.

In the beginning of creation, the Lord of all creatures sent forth generations of men and demigods, along with sacrifices for Viṣṇu, and blessed them by saying, “Be thou happy by this yajña [sacrifice] because its performance will bestow upon you everything desirable for living happily and achieving liberation.”  The demigods, being pleased by sacrifices, will also please you, and thus, by cooperation between men and demigods, prosperity will reign for all.         Bhagavad Gita As It is 3.10-11

Samskaras :

  • Nisheka (sexual union or “making Love“)
  • Garbadhana (Invitation of a pious. Intellegent, noble Soul-Child)
  • Pumasvana (Strengthen the sex especially by males)
  • Simantoyannam (Samskara for the protection and mental happiness of mother and child)
  • Shoshyanti Homa (Rite for safe delivery and health of the mother)
  • Jata Karma (Birth ceremony – for increase of sober intelligence)
  • Nishramanam (Seeing the sun and the deity outside)
  • Nama Karana (Name-giving ceremony for prolonging life)
  • Paushtika Karma (Ceremony for continued health performed more often)
  • Anna Prashana (Food-Grain ceremony for balancing the life-airs (prana) and increase health of the diguestive system)
  • Putra Murdhabhighranam (Smelling the child’s head increasing affection and receiving blessings)
  • Karna Vedha (Piercing the ears for balancing and developing beneficial subtle electro-magnetical energies)
  • Cuda Karanam (Hair-cutting ceremony for prolonging the life-span)
  • Yearly Birthday Ceremony (divine blessings and auspiciousness)
  • Aksharabhyasa (Easy Learning the alphabet)
  • Vidyarambha (For any school or education)
  • Upanayanam (Reformatory Rites)
  • Vedarambha (Beginning of vedic studies)
  • Samavartana (Graduation ceremony for receiving divine blessings)
  • Griha Pravesha (Changing of residence or place of living for protection and further welfare)
  • Vivaha Karma (Marriage)*
  • Vastu Homa (from before-starting the building or house until moving into the new residence for receiving highly beneficial cosmical energies and blessings; more info on your request)
  • Antyeshti Kriya (Funeral rites for an higher destination)

Additional Yajnas:

  • Shanti Homa (for auspiciousnes, forgiveness and peace)
  • Bhagavad Gita Homa (for any purpose or problem in life)
  • Company & Buisness-Assistance-Program (on request)

*the Main 10 Samskaras

* Possible Details of the Vivaha Karma (Marriage)*

  1. Sampradanam (Giving the bride away)
  2. Pani Grahanam:
  3. Sindhura Dana (Decorating the bride with kunkuma)
  4. Ajya Homa (Oblations for the bride’s welfare)
  5. Laja Homa (Oblations for prosperity, auspiciousness and fertility)

& Ashmakramana (Mounting a stone)

  1. Sapta Padi Gamana (Seven steps)
  2. Pani Grahnam (Taking the bride’s hand)
  3. Uttara vivaha (Subsequent rites)
  4. Dhruva Darshana (viewing the pole star)
  5. Bhojana (honoring sacred food)
  6. Yanorahan (mounting the vehicle)
  7. Dhriti Homa (Entering the house)
  8. Caturthi Homa (removing obstacles)
  9. Udicya Karma (concluding activities)

For more information:

We had excellent experiences and results with Samskaras performed in any stage or age of life.

All Samskaras will be performed by the support of a suitable, auspicious, astrological-calculated day or Muhurtha (hour).

All Sponsors (Yajaman) of Samskara, Yajna (Homa) or Ritual are discribed in the Vedas of being highly karmically, beneficially rewarded and universally favoured.