My first experience with Madhavananda Dasa was when he performed Vedic yagyas for me, for various issues I was facing and for corrections of negative planetary (karmic ) aspects. He analysed my chart correctly, and also shared with me the insights through his psychic vision. I have used his services many times and can confirm that he is always correct in his analysis and insight about a person or a situation.

I would highly recommend Vedic yagyas and samskaras for any life issue, as they increase the positive potential in one’s life.

I have had and continue to have samskaras performed for my baby boy, and can say that he is doing amazingly well and is a very healthy, happy and a highly intelligent and conscious child. I think that samskaras are one of the most important things a parent can do for their child.

Ivana Rončević

Madavananda did a few jyššotish readings for me some 15 years ago when I was in my twenties. I still use the notes I made then as a guide for making important decisions and am amazed at the accuracy of his readings. Among other things he told me then that I would marry in my late thirties. I didn’t like that and so I kind of disregarded the information. When in my mid thirties after a broken heart I came across those notes, I read the precise description of the “good for nothing man” that will come before the right one, and I really regret I didn’t listen better to his advice. I met my husband shortly after and got happily married at age 38. I warmheartedly recommend Madavananda as a really nice person and a quality jyotishi to anyone!


I was blown away with the accuracy of the reading. I am very grateful for the council and explanation Madhavananda gave. He made the reading easily understandable and I felt fully relaxed throughout.
Undoubtedly this feels like the real deal.

Amazing, thankyou Mahavananda.

Angela Agnitattwa

Such a great experience with Madhavananda, he is very learned jyotishi and nice, spiritual person. He invested so much in preparation for our meeting and I got many interesting details and helpful, practical tips. I feel he completely “nailed” my horoscope. I highly recommend him!